Raahath- “A Home of Excellence and Innovation”

Our school offers exquisite ambience for your child’s learning being situated within the scenic beauty of nature on the outskirt of exciting Thanjavur city. The rural setting shall be the fountain that springs the culture of international mindedness where the larger entities and perspectives of various cultures and backgrounds are valued. The global thinking promotes respect, involvement, integrity, boost collaboration, tolerance and equality in the diversified world of ours. We encourage our students to develop high levels of empathy and compassion that resonate from deep within their heart, with reason and understanding of how their actions impact on others.

We pastoralize our students to be aspirational and experience learning where they challenge themselves and achieve better than they could comprehend. We work hard to ensure that every child is valued, is encouraged to celebrate their own individuality and forge ahead to develop life-long love and patron of learning.

We encourage all our pupils to utilize with  full advantage of all the school has to offer – in the classroom, on the games/sports fields, in music, art, dance and every other aspect of our rich and diverse school life. These entities create a very strong sense of affinity and fellowship among the pupils, and deep respect for themselves and everything around them.


  • The school believes in the innate potential of all children                          
  •  To explore enthusiastically,
  •  To crystallize and cultivate a passion for learning as a consequence and 
  • To innovate effective solutions. 
  • It shall be the school’s endeavour to capitalize on these cardinal endowments     abiding in each and every child.


  • Enshrined in our motto – “Learning by Doing”, we hearten our pupils to learn by doing, living, association, cooperation and activity, experience, sociability, involvement and exploration.
  • Providing state of the art facilities with an ambience that is conducive to help children blossom into capable and compassionate world citizens of tomorrow.
  • Utilizing and converging the best resources – human, technological, as well as materials and techniques that are both curricular and extracurricular all of which will enable young students to explore with required freedom fearlessly.
  • Encouraging students towards translation of experiences into powerful learning through carefully designed support and guidance system.
  • Allowing ample scope to innovate by investing students with necessary tools and skills.
  • Facilitation of a broad, balanced and carefully differentiated curriculum to transcend and augment the innate potential with excellence and dynamism academically, morally, socially, physically and spiritually, irrespective of gender, culture, race, religion or disability.
  • Building bonds of mutually shared envisioned goals with parents/guardians and Society.



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