Raahath International School (RISers) Welcomes You

This website provides an introduction and a welcome to our school. It gives you a brief outline of what you need and also what we have to give you by law. If you want more information to your queries regarding our school or your child you are welcomed to contact us over phone, letter or in person.

We are confident that these pages will provide a good bulk of information on what you are looking for. The images that you see are more than just a prelude of modern and stunning premises. They ought to also provide you with a sense of diverse and international environment, vibrant student life and sense of well-knitted community which blooms within our walls and in our playground.

Our students mean the world to us. We are grateful we are blessed with galaxies of them and we are truly proud of them. It is for them that we have dreamed much, endeavoured exceedingly ever harder and tailored so finely well-rounded academic, cultural and extra-curricular activities.

We hope you will spare us your valuable time to come to RIS to meet our students and faculties to draw a unique difference in our system of operations. We would be so delighted to have you in our midst.

Co-Curricular Activities


A person practising archery is called an Archer, and one who enjoys or is an expert at archery is sometimes called a toxophilite.


Karate (Japanese: “empty hand”) named martial  art discipline employing kicking, striking, and defensive blocking with arms and legs.


It is a type of exercise which performed through the balanced body and need to get control over diet, breathing, and physical postures.

Carnatic Music

Most music includes people singing with their voices or playing musical instruments, such as the piano, guitar, drums or violin.

Bharatha Natiyam

The performance repertoire of Bharatanatyam, like other classical dances, includes nritta (pure dance), nritya (solo expressive dance) and Natya (group dramatic dance).


Skating is an excellent aerobic exercise, this from skating helps your body use and control your insulin better.


The warm-up drill has begun and beads of sweat have already appeared on the faces of the motley bunch of people twirling their Silambam.


This area incorporates disciplines such as mathematics, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer science.